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In this episode we get real and up-close with one of Columbus' premeier heavy metal bands, Maltese Cross.

These guys were alot of fun to interview and they provided a real down-to-earth attitude that was refreshing. These guys, as you will agree after listening to their tracks, need to be signed to a record label. They really do bring it strong.

We have included their link in our links page on the new website at :

Hell's Kitchen Website

Be sure to listen to future shows for contests with great prizes featuring their stuff.

We would also like to tell all of you about a brilliant new horror author by the name of Russell L. Burt. He is not a native of Columbus, or Indiana for that matter, but he does write some kick-ass new horror. Check him out at:

R.L. Burt Website

Until next time, Keep it real and keep it rockin'


We give you another sample of Assorted Flavors because we thought that the last show's sound quality just didn't do them justice. We hope that you enjoy the crisp, clean, funk-a-delic stylings of North Vernon, Indiana's own funk favorite, Assorted Flavors!!! Until the next episode,.....Keep it real and Keep it rockin'. Peace!!!


This is a promo that you guys can snatch up and use in your podcasts if you wish. Thanks for listening!! Keep it real and keep it rockin'


On this episode we feature North Vernon, Indiana's very own kick-ass band Assorted Flavors!!! We play footage from a live show that they played at 4th Street Bar & Grill in Columbus. This all happened on Jimmy's fiance's birthday so there is a little background noise...lol

We also feature a couple of promos custom made for us by Adelaide, Australia's Stuart Beaton of the Small Picture Podcast and a very strange phone call. Jimmy decided it would be fun to leave our new live line number on the bathroom stall, so this was a surprise for both of us!!

We hope that you enjoy every bit of this episode and until next time...Keep it real and Keep it rockin'!!!

This is a video of a guy's mother Jimmy and I know. She has had a little too much wine. Her son isn't too far behind her. It's just too funny not to post. Hope you enjoy!!!

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In this episode... we talk with a very cool cat from Adelaide, Australia named Stuart Beaton. Mr. Beaton does a podcast called The Small Picture podcast where he interviews many different folks. He talks with folks such as R.L. Stine and Peter Cosgrove.

We ask him about his show, the great country of Australia, and even delve into some politics and Canadian drugs!!! Jimmy and I had a great time interviewing Stuart and we all agreed that it would be great to make this a regular thing in the future.

You can check out the Aussie side of things on his podcast at:


We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it and until next time.....Keep it real and Keep it rockin'!!!


Just a little video of one of our local heavy metal bands, Maltese Cross!!! This video was shot at the Crump Theatre at one of the many local concerts that are put on there. We did a little remastering on the audio and presented it for your enjoyment. Keep it real and Keep it ROCKIN'!!!!


Just a little shoutout to let all of our 200+ listeners that we are having our first contest. That's right folks, we are introducing:
Hell's Kitchen Costume Contest 2006
Dress up in your best, most creative costume and take a picture. After you have taken said picture, go to our 'Listener Photos' section on the right-hand side of our homepage and upload your photos in the folder labeled 'Costume contest'.
We will be giving away a CD of one of our finest local musicians as the prize for your efforts. So get to dressing up folks!! Let's see what you've got for us. Have fun guys and gals and have a safe and Happy Halloween


This episode we:
Delve into local acts such as Sativa Gumbo and Jassy Grazz.We discuss such things as improvements to the site and contests. We also play a song from the Candian band Inner Surge. These guys sent us a line through our email inbox and requested to be on our show. We are always honored to accept such requests and therefore you all will get to hear some quality music from the Great White North. Gonna be one helluva show, eh?

We had fun doing this episode, but we were in a little weird head space. Both Jimmy and I's weeks had been hectic. We do hope that you enjoy the episode though because the three musicians that are on it are phenomenal.

We hope that you like the improvements that we've made to the site. The buttons may not be attractive to look at, but they are functional and good enough for us minions who are on a low budget....lol. We hope, now that we have the ability, to be able to call some of you, our listeners, in the future and do a little impromptu interview with you. You will be the next star of the show.
Thanks to all of our 200 subscribers for your support and until episode 7; Keep it Real & keep it Rockin'


Just a little news flash to let you in on some of the things that we have added to the site. Visit the homepage, or if you're already here look to the right...lol. We have added a Hell's Kitchen Forum, Events Calendar, Classifieds, Links, and Guestmap. These are all editable by all of you. Add you thoughts to the forum, add an event to the calendar, or place your pin on our guestmap and let us know where you're at. We also have a game room with loads of killer flash video games. CHECK IT OUT!!! We have enjoyed bringing you these extras and we hope that you, in return, enjoy them also. Just another way that we are trying to build our little community. Until Episode 6...Keep it Real and Keep it Rockin!!!!!

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